Comic Character Baseball Pinbacks

Character: Moon Mullins
Comic Strip: Moon Mullins
Pinback Date: 1930s
Text: Moon Mullins. Knothole Gang.
Notes: 1.5" celluloid.
Keywords: Baseball Club

Character: Pickle Neary
Comic Strip: Pickle Neary
Pinback Date: 1900s
Manufacturer: Baltimore Badge and Novelties
Text: Say! Look Me Up In De Pittsburgh Sunday Dispatch. Yures Trulie, Pickle Neary.
Notes: 1.5" celluloid with copyright on front, manufacturer stamp on curl, and backpaper.
Keywords: Baseball Newspaper Sports

Pinback Set: Hassan-Tokio
Pinback Date: 1910s
Manufacturer: Whitehead and Hoag
Text: How Much Can Dingbat?
Notes: 7/8" celluloid with backpaper.
Keywords: Baseball Sports Tobacco

Character: Shmoo
Comic Strip: Li'l Abner
Pinback Set: Shmoo United Features
Pinback Date: 1940s
Text: Lefty O'Shmool.
Notes: 13/16" lithograph with copyright on curl.
Keywords: Baseball Sports

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